Pause Breakout Groups without closing them

Continuous Delivery Collaborate Ultra 22.12 | Release to Production: 14 July 2022
New features

When working collaboratively in breakout groups, instructors may need to bring all students back into the main room to give clarifications, or to give instructions for the next step of the work. However, if they stop the group activity to regroup, the group composition gets deleted, the breakout rooms get closed and the work in progress gets wiped.

This new feature allows instructors to pause the activity instead of stopping it, effectively regrouping all attendees back into the main room in 1 click, without ending the groups. It is then easy to resume the activity and send everyone back to their original group with no setup time and continue working on their whiteboard and files.

Parallel images with the breakout groups panel is open and groups are running. Highlighted the pause and resume buttons.

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