Adding advanced features in Collaborate powered by Chime: breakout groups and polls

Continuous Delivery Collaborate Ultra 22.12 | Release to Production: 14 July 2022
Updated features

Since the release of the beta version of Collaborate powered by Amazon Chime, we have been working on adding some of the more advanced features you already enjoy in your standard Collaborate sessions.

With this release, we are adding:

  • Breakout groups
  • Polls

While rebuilding Collaborate on top of Chime, we have also been able to include some improvements to the user experience. In particular, for breakout groups:

  • It’s now easier to join groups when they’re set up for attendees to choose their group. With the Collapse All button, you can have the list of groups in a single compressed view. Join any group by selecting the Join button next to it.
  • In standard Collaborate, when you stop groups and bring attendees back to the main room, anyone who had their microphone ON in the groups will also have it ON when returning to the main room, which often causes a lot of noise. In this version, we mute the attendees when they return or switch groups. Moderators and presenters will keep their microphone status.
  • When a moderator moves you to or from a group, you will hear an audio notification to draw your attention to the transition.
Two parallel screens of the Collaborate panel opened with a breakout groups list. Highlighted is the Collapse All button and the Expand All button which allows to have all the groups listed in a compressed single view.

Find more about Breakout Groups and Polls in Chime.