Web Community Manager 2022 Release (2.63)

Continuous Delivery 2.63 | Release to Production Jun 2022
Updated features, bug fixes

Here's what the product release (2.63) includes:

  • Updated features
  • Bug fixes

Updated features:

  1. Content versioning

    • Exempt Facebook, Twitter, and divider apps from versioning.
  2. Page layouts

    • New page layouts are added to the page editor, section assets, and page types.
  3. TinyMCE

    • The accessibility checker won’t flag decorative images marked by users as missing the alt-text attribute.
    • Removed the ellipsis option from the TinyMCE editor toolbar.
    • Fixed an issue with the solid bullet formatting.
  4. Security enhancements

Bug fixes

  • Mini base app

    • Fixed an issue where the labels in the Mini base app overflowed from text fields on some browsers in Mac OS and iOS devices.

Performance improvements