Blackboard Data Reporting May 2022 Release

Continuous Delivery | Release to Production 10 May 2022
Reporting, Updated Features, New Features 

The May 2022 release of Blackboard Data Reporting includes improvements to two reports in the Learning reporting area.

Enrollment-level detail added to:

Each of these reports now includes a table containing one row per student course enrollment, and appropriate metrics for the context of the report. This will therefore list all students on all courses within the filters you’ve selected.

The student listing includes features developed directly from feedback gathered in our Blackboard Data Insiders user group:

  • First and Last Name separation for easier sorting. 
  • A “mailto” link that will address an email to the chosen student in your default email application with one click. 
  • A comparative indicator on the “Course Access” column that indicates whether the student’s course accesses are below, within, or above the typical range for the course: 
    • 1 bar – Low – in the lowest quartile. 
      Three bar graph, one filled bar.
    • 2 bars – Normal – within the interquartile range (middle two quartiles). 
      Three bar graph, two bars filled.
    • 3 bars – High – in the top quartile. 
      Three bar graph, three bars filled.

Enhanced course listing:

The course listing has been enhanced and now includes all appropriate courses within your filter selection, where previously it included only the top/bottom 10 courses. 

Visual filtering:

To make it easier to find actionable information, these reports also use visual filtering, where your selection within a visualization will further filter the student table.  


  • In Course Access, you can select the “Inactive” segment of the donut chart, and the student table will only list inactive enrollments.  
  • You can also select a course in the course listing and its enrollments will be displayed in the student table. 

Visual filtering walkthrough video

Visual filtering is additive, so if you select both prior examples, the student table will list inactive enrollments in your chosen course only. You can reset visual filtering by selecting the funnel icon in the contextual menu of the visualization and either selecting the “X” to remove an individual filter or “Clear” to remove all visual filtering. Visual filtering is also used in the existing Course Administration report (Leading reporting area). 


As with all visualizations, you can maximize them to take up all available space, and export to CSV, using the contextual menu that appears in the top-right corner when you hover over the visualization. 

Continuous feedback

We'd like to hear your feedback on these reports or any other reports.

You can submit, comment upon, and vote for new features in the Feature Requests tab of “What’s New”.