Ally 2.1.1 | Release to production 10 March 2022

Updated features, Canvas integration, Learn integration, Moodle integration, D2L Brightspace integration

Ally 2.1.1 bug fixes and improvements

  • Added English (New Zealand), English (South African), English (Welsh), and Hindi language support for audio alternative formats.
  • Fixed an issue in Canvas where keyboard navigation was not working properly in instructor feedback for WYSIWYG content.
  • Fixed an issue in Canvas where the scores displayed in the course accessibility report and instructor feedback for WYSIWYG were inconsistent.
  • Fixed an issue in Blackboard Learn where seizure-causing images were not properly being flagged in Ally for Learn SaaS 3900.34.0.
  • Fixed an issue in Blackboard Learn where click/selection targets in the alternative formats panel were not correctly aligned on various Firefox versions (96+).
  • Resolved an issue in Moodle/OpenLMS where files with names that contain non-ASCII characters failed when uploaded through instructor feedback.