Sticky Test Header - 3900.34.0

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Ultra Experience, Ultra Course View
Impact: Students

Test taking can be a stressful experience. We have designed a new test header to improve the student's testing experience. The new header provides students with key information to inform their test-taking strategy. The new header displays the following helpful information:

  • a progress bar,
  • the number of answered questions out of the total questions in the test or assignment,
  • and time remaining if the instructor has set a time limit.

The header is sticky, meaning that it is always visible as a student navigates the test. This header also appears in assignments that include questions.

Figure 1. Before

Learn Ultra StickyHeader functionality for assessments before upgrade

Figure 2. After

Learn Ultra StickyHeader functionality for assessments after upgrade

For Instructors and Administrators: This feature is on by default for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations required.

Watch a video about the new sticky test header

The following narrated video provides a visual and auditory representation of some of the information included on this page. For a detailed description of what is portrayed in the video, open the video on YouTube, navigate to More actions, and select Open transcript.

Video: Sticky Test Headers shows the new look and permanent position of test headers in Learn Ultra.

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