Ally 2.0.4 | Release to production 26 January 2022

Updated features, Learn integration, Moodle integration, Canvas integration, D2L integration

Ally 2.0.4 bug fixes and improvements

  • As a follow-up to the Ally 2.0 release that introduced Instructor Feedback for WYSIWYG content, we've added an option that allows institutions to select and keep their LMS built-in accessibility checker for content editors (WYSIWYG content). To enable this option, administrators can navigate to the Ally Configuration UI and go to the Features tab.
  • Fixed an issue in D2L Brightspace that resulted in students not being able to generate alternative formats in courses.
  • Fixed an issue where Ally emails for custom help were incorrectly listing users’ browser as Chrome instead of Edge.
  • Fixed an issue in the institutional usage report where an error was shown when an invalid date was selected. To ensure data accuracy the usage report end date availability has been revised to be the current date - 3 days.