Session Settings lets you control what you want to allow in your session. Some settings you need to set before the session begins. Other settings you can change any time before or during the session.

Settings to make before sessions begin

While most settings can be changed any time during the session, you must set some settings before the session begins, if you want to use them.

  • Guest access
  • Default Attendee Role
  • Anonymize chat messages
  • Enable session telephony
  • Private chat settings
  • Profanity filter
  • Allow 250+ attendees to join

    If you don't see this large scale session option, it may not be available in your integration. Your administrator can set this for you.

  • Multimedia: Use AWS Chime for audio and video

    More about Collaborate in Chime.

Settings you can change during a session

Some settings you can change during the session. If you want to change settings during a session, open the Collaborate panel, select My Settings, and open Session Settings.

  • Choose your preferred language
  • Only show moderator profile pictures
  • Gallery view
  • Participant permissions
  • Multimedia: Use AWS Chime for audio and video

    If you apply this change while a session is running, you must keep the session empty – with no attendees - for 5 minutes for the change to take effect. This also applies when switching from your standard Collaborate sessions to AWS Chime, and from AWS Chime to standard sessions. More about Collaborate in Chime.