Tips, tricks, and FAQs

Building and managing content in the Composer app might seem a little overwhelming at first. With a little time and practice, you'll get comfortable with the interface and functionality and you'll be able to build and move quickly. Don't hesitate to jump in and see how far you can push this app! There are countless variations of content possible and what you publish will be truly unique to your district!


  • All of the available content is represented as individual blocks in the Block panel. When a block is dropped into the canvas, they're rendered as components, and blocks are made up of one or more components.
  • When components are selected in the canvas, they're highlighted with a blue outline, display a badge with the name of the component, and a toolbar with various options like Move, Copy, and Delete.
  • Everything that's pasted into the canvas converts to plain text. This prevents bad HTML markup that Composer builds as well as unintended results from formatting.
  • Use the Select Parent Control to select parent components or use the Layers panel. The Layers panel is best for complex elements like the Flex Gallery block.
  • When using the same element in multiple places, clone the element so the set styles apply and update for all instances when editing a single instance. Styles follow all cloned components but Trait Manager settings do not; they are unique to each individual component.
  • Build and reuse canvases and components for extremely fast content creation, management, and consistency across your district.
  • You can't put HTML code into a text element, you have to use the embed code block for custom code.
  • Links are only created inside a text component, so you have to use the rich text editor to create a link.


  • Can I embed other WCM apps in Composer?
    • No, you can't embed other WCM apps.