Ally 1.39.1 | Release to production 2 March 2020

Updated features

Electronic Braille Configuration

The Braille code used for a particular language can now be configured at the institutional level. For example, this means that the Braille code used for English can be mapped to either Unified English Braille contracted (grade 2) or uncontracted (grade 1).

Electronic Braille configuration changes can be requested through a Behind The Blackboard support ticket.

Ally 1.39.1 bug fixes and improvements

  • The Translated Version alternative format for the Ally for WCM and Ally for Websites integrations now opens immediately in the browser instead of being downloaded.
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause the Tagged PDF alternative format to be downloaded using the wrong mime type.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Ally for Websites alternative formats to be blank for web pages that require the “Accept-Encoding” header.