Channel navigation elements

The main site and each subsite contain channels or groups of information. These channels are visible on every page of your site or subsite and provide end users with consistent navigation. The channels on each subsite may be different from those of the main site or any other subsite. The default in a standard template is for the Home button to appear on the far left and the Calendar button to display on the far right of the Channel bar as shown in the image below.

Navigate to a section

Whether you are on your main site or one of its subsites, you navigate to each section on the end-user website in the same way.

Hover over a channel name. Generally, you will see a drop-down list of the sections in that channel like the one shown in the image below.

There are only two instances when you may not see a drop-down list for a particular channel.

  • Only one section exists for a channel and Channel Homepage is not activated for that channel. In this instance, you click on the channel name in the Channel bar to navigate to the section homepage.
  • The number of sections within the channel exceeds the value set in your site template to display a directory page instead of a drop-down list. The usual value for this setting is 15. A directory page like the one shown in the image below will display once the maximum number of sections is exceeded.