Your institution has the freedom to create as many Open Education courses as needed. Blackboard places no restrictions on how many students can enroll in your courses.

Institution administrators have access to limited core Blackboard Learn course management capabilities. You can create, categorize, edit, copy, export, import, and delete courses related to your institution only. You can also manage course availability. If you want to help build a course, add yourself to the course as an instructor. All enrollment is through self-enrollment. Administrators do not have batch enrollment capabilities.

"Self-Enrollment" is the only option available on the Open Education platform. The "Instructor/System Administrator," "Allow Students to Email Enrollment Requests to the Instructor," and "Require Access Code to Enroll" options are not available by design as they go against the concept of Massive Open Online Courses.

In action: Create a course

  1. Create a course shell.
  2. Invite the instructor to join the course.
  3. Build the content.
  4. Define the course on the Course Details page.
  5. Go live by making the course available and publishing the Course Details page.

Three ways to create courses

On the System Admin tab, use the functions on the action bar to create Open Education courses in the following ways:

  • Create Course: Create a new, blank course. The Course Wizard function appears in the Create Course drop-down list, but it is not an available option.
  • Copy Course: Make an exact copy of a course. You can also make a copy of some of the materials, and create a new course or add the materials to an existing course.
  • Import Package: Create a course from a course package. Importing packages allows you to bring courses over from another system.

    Before importing a course package, create a new course. Then, on the Import Package page, click Browse next to Destination Course ID to search for the course ID you created.

Course settings

On the Create Course page, some settings are inherited from the core Blackboard Learn product and do not apply to creating Open Education courses.

Make no selection or changes for the following settings:

  • Subject Area
  • Discipline
  • Term
  • Institution Hierarchy Nodes-leave as is, and do not remove or add a node
  • Guest Access
  • Enrollment Options > Instructor/System Administrator

Do not make a course available to users until enrollment is open, and you have completed the Course Details page. If you want a course to be open for enrollment before the course start date, create a homepage within the course that welcomes students, and then hide all other additional content until the course begins.

Course categories

You can organize your institution's course offerings by assigning courses to categories. When users access the course catalog, they can filter their search results by categories. You can provide a category when you create a course, when you edit it, or from its contextual menu on the Courses page.

Invite course instructors

Institution administrators cannot create accounts for other users. Instead, use the invitation feature to invite instructors or teaching assistants to the system.

  1. Create a course shell. To learn more, see Three Ways to Create Courses.
  2. On the Courses page, search for the course.
  3. Access the course's contextual menu and click Invitations.
  4. On the Instructor Invitations page, click Invite.
  5. On the Invite Instructor page, provide the instructor's information and Send. The instructor is added to the list of invitations sent. You can review the status of their invitations from this page.

The instructor receives an email with a link to accept the invitation and join the course.

After logging in or creating an account, instructor privileges are granted for the course. On the home page, instructors see their courses in the Course I'm Teaching section. They click Go To Course to start creating or editing content.

Instructors familiar with the Blackboard Learn interface can create content using the same workflows. You can direct new users to the instructor help resources for an overview of what tools and features are available to them.

As an institution administrator, you can add yourself as an instructor to any course. Access the course and click Quick Enroll found below the Control Panel. Change your role in the course from student to instructor. You will then need to Click Quick Unenroll to remove your instructor privileges.

Course Details page

With the Course Details page, your institution can publicize information about courses. Anyone who can access the Open Education site can visit these pages. The template is easy to populate and creates an attractive page. Access a course's contextual menu and click Course Details to begin.

You can include the following information:

  • Description
  • Workload expectations
  • Language the course is taught in
  • Embedded YouTubeTM video
  • Course avatar image
  • Duration

Prospective students can also view who is teaching the course with links to the faculty profiles. The institution's social media links from the Institution Details page also appear.

While creating the content, set the Course Details page as private. When you want to make the page public, access the course's contextual menu and click Course Details and change Publish to ON.