Students, teachers, and administrators are busy people. You're also more mobile than ever, getting work done whenever, and wherever, you can.

Improving Your Experience

To improve your experience we've moved the existing Blackboard Open LMS help to a new site. This new help system allows for simplified site navigation and a site that is responsive to mobile devices. We talked to users, conducted surveys, studied analytics, and thoroughly tested throughout the process to ensure the help site continues to be a valuable resource for you.

What's Changed?

Now, you can quickly find what you need, based on your role and your product-or you can browse by subject. And no matter what device you use, you'll find the help site adapts to fit the browser widths of all desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Don't worry - all your existing bookmarks still bring you to the page or video you expect to see.

Did any help content change?

All content on the old site has moved to the redesigned help site, so you aren't missing anything. And as Blackboard Open LMS releases new versions, more help content will be added to support users every step of the way.

Do my links still work?

Yes. Redirects have been put in place so that your existing bookmarks will work until the summer of 2016.

Why was the help site upgraded?

Users can still access the help site directly from links within the Blackboard Open LMS interface. However, some users prefer to find help in other ways, such as through Google searches on their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The new help site provides more intuitive navigation for all users, no matter how they find the help site or what device they use to view it.

The new help site also provides help in the languages Blackboard Open LMS supports and enhanced searching capabilities.

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