As an administrator, you can use the Course Request feature to set the default category for course requests, whether users can select a category when requesting a course, and who can receive notification of course requests. A Request a new course button will be available on the All courses page.

If course requests are enabled, by default all authenticated users can make course requests. See Course requester role for details of how to restrict users who can make course requests.

Set course requests defaults

Steps: Administration > Site administration > Courses > Course request

  1. From Site administration select Courses and Course request.
  2. If you want to allow any user to request a course, select Enable course requests.

    This option is cleared by default.

  3. To set a default category where all new requests are added, select the category from the Default category for course requests list.
  4. To allow a user to select a category, select Enable category selection.

    This option is cleared by default.

  5. Select which users are notified to approve the request in the Course request notification list.
  6. Select Save changes when finished.