Course Completion tracking is designed to allow a course to be marked as completed in the system based on one or more criteria. Completion tracking can be based on any of the following:

  1. The completion of other courses
  2. The student setting a course as complete
  3. The teacher setting a course as complete for a student
  4. The student completing one or many activities in a course
  5. A specific date
  6. A certain number of days after the student was enrolled in the course
  7. The student achieving a final grade in the course above a certain percentage
  8. The student being un-enrolled from the course

Enable Course Completion

Steps: Administration > Site administration > Advanced features > Enable completion tracking

Course Completion must be enabled in order for teachers to be able to use it within a course.

  1. From Site Administration select Advanced Features.
  2. Select Enable completion tracking to turn on completion tracking (progress) at the course level.

Configure default course settings

Steps: Administration > Site administration > Courses > Default course settings

Site administrators can enable Course Completion for newly created courses within the default course settings.

  1. From Site Administration select Courses and Default course settings.
  2. Select Completion tracking to enable completion tracking in a course.
  3. Select Completion tracking begins on enrollment to begin tracking a student's completion progress after course enrollment.

Course Completion permissions

  • View course completion report: This permission allows a user to view the Course Completion report for all users in the course.

    Automatically set to Allow for Manager, Teacher, and Non-Editing Teacher.

  • Mark users as complete in course completion: This setting allows the teacher to mark students in the course as complete if Course Completion tracking is enabled.

    Automatically set to Allow for Manager, Teacher, and Non-Editing Teacher.