Ally 2.5.9 | Release to production: March 1, 2023

Updated features

Identification and scoring of Microsoft Office and LibreOffice Password-protected files

Password-protected Microsoft Office and LibreOffice documents are now identified and scored by Ally. When you upload a password-protected document, Ally will flag it with a 0% score. This will increase the instructor's awareness to update and make the content available to learners without any blockers.

Screenshot showing low score in Ally because of password protected document


This is a go-forward change that only affects the score of newly added or updated password-protected Office content after this release.

As part of future releases, we will incorporate additional guidance and feedback for these files into the Instructor Feedback.

Translated Version Alternative Format character limit increased

Ally now supports files with up to 60,000 characters when downloading the Translated Version Alternative Format.

Screenshot of the alternative formats modal with the Translated version highlighted