Term creation and course cross listing are supported by the following integration types:

  • Snapshot Flat File
  • IMS Enterprise 1.1
  • IMS Enterprise 1.1 - Vista
  • LIS

Snapshot Flat File integration


To associate a course with a term, the term_key header, you use the Course feed type. (The term_key is the external_term_key from the Term feed.)

Some additional header values in the Course feed type used in creating a term include:

  • The duration header. This header takes a term value that requires use of the associated term's duration for the course duration.
  • The use_term_availability_ind header. When set to true, the associated term's availability is used for the course availability.

Cross listing

The Course feed type has a master_course_key header. This is the external_course_key for the course that is to become the master course of the one being processed.

Snapshot XML integration


This is not supported.

Cross listing

This is not supported.

IMS Enterprise 1.1 and IMS Enterprise 1.1 - Vista


Terms are a type of <group> in the xml whose <grouptype> is:

  • <grouptype><scheme>Luminus</scheme><typevalue>Term</typevalue></grouptype>
  • <grouptype><scheme>LEARNING_CONTEXT_V1</scheme><typevalue level="60"/></grouptype>

Terms are associated to courses via a parent <relationship> element in the <group> for the course.

<relationship relation="1">



Cross listing

Master courses are a type of <group> whose <grouptype> is one of:

  • <grouptype><scheme>Luminus</scheme><typevalue>CrossListedSection</typevalue></grouptype>
  • <grouptype><scheme>LEARNING_CONTEXT_V1</scheme><typevalue level="85"/></grouptype>

Child courses are normal course <group>.

Courses are associated through a <membership>.




  <idtype>2</idtype><!-- 2 indicates a group to group membership -->
<!-- recstatus 1 says to add the membership, 2 to update it, 3 to remove it -->
  <role roletype="01" recstatus="1">




Terms are a type of group in LIS whose <grouptype> is of the form:


Where SCHEME, TERM, and LEVEL are one of the following (respectively):

LIS2.0, TERM, 1

To associate a courseSection with a term, the academicSession sub-element of the courseSection element is used


Cross listing

This is not supported.