Blackboard Learn recognizes several file types by default. These files open directly in the browser or an associated application. If Blackboard Learn doesn't recognize the file type, users can download the attached file and open it on their computers.

Programs Associated with File Types
Extension File Type Programs Associated with the File Type
aam Multimedia Macromedia® Authorware® plug-in

The AAM file is the starting point for a series of files that must be enclosed in a ZIP file.

aiff Audio Audio program

AIFF is an uncompressed audio format. AIFF files tend to be large.

asf Multimedia Microsoft® .NET™ Show

ASF files can contain audio, video, images, and text.

au Audio Real Audio Player™
avi Video Video player (Windows only)
doc, docx Text Microsoft® Word - word processor
gif Image Graphics program or web browser
html, htm Web page HTML editor or web browser
jpg, jpeg Image Graphics program or web browser
jif Image Graphics program or web browser
mp3 Audio Audio program
mpe Audio/Video Audio program
mpg, mpeg Video Video player
moov, movie Movie QuickTime® movie
mov Video Movie or media player
numbers Spreadsheet Apple Numbers®
pdf Text Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®
png Image Graphics editor or web browser
ppt, pptx, pps Slide show Microsoft® PowerPoint®, PowerPoint Player®
qt Movie QuickTime®
ra Audio Real Audio Player™
ram Video Real Audio Movie™
rm Audio Audio program
rtf Text Word processor
swf Multimedia Macromedia® Shockwave® plug-in
tiff, tif Image Graphics program or web browser
txt Text Text or HTML editor, word processor
wav Audio Audio program
wma Audio Audio program
wmf Graphic Microsoft® Windows®
wmv Media/Audio Microsoft® Windows®
wpd Text WordPerfect® or other word processor
xls, xlsx Spreadsheet Microsoft® Excel®
zip Compressed package WinZip®