The Tool Panel appears on the left side of a tab. The left side of a tab can also include web links. The Tool Panel can be renamed for each tab through the Tabs and Modules page. The way tools appear within the Tool Panel is controlled from this page, including their names and order of appearance. Tools that are turned off don't appear in the Tool Panel.

Administrators can also display web links in the Tool Panel.

The settings that are configured for course tools are distinct from the Tool Panel. Changes made to the course tools or to the Tool Panel will not impact the other.

Tools are made available or unavailable using the Tool Panel from the Add Tool or Edit Tool page. Both pages contain the same boxes for adding or editing a tool. The settings configured here apply only to the tool as it appears on the Tool Panel.

Add or edit a tool

  1. On the Administrator Panel in the Communities section, select Tabs and Modules.
  2. Select Tool Panel.
  3. Select Add Tool or open an existing tool's menu and select Edit. The following table describes the available options.
    Tool Options
    Option Description
    Enter Information
    Title [r] Provide or change the title of the tool.
    Tool [r] Select a tool from the list. This field may not be changed after it has been set. On the Edit Tool page, this field is display only.
    Available Select Yes or No to make this tool available to users through the Tool Panel.
  4. Select Submit.