Best practices for common use cases in Grades Journey 

I need to... Action Steps:
Capture only final grade, specific data, or specific colums Grade Extract Settings > Column filter: specify list of items you wish to extract
Use specific vendors (Ellucian/Banner, Peoplesoft)

Ellucian – Banner, Colleague, or PowerCampus 

  • ILP – Grades Journey not needed

  • XE – TBD – could be another extract option

  • LMB – In Development 

  • Custom – Can use delimited file, REST API, or LIS integrations 


  • SAIP – Can configure to use LIS 

  • Custom – Can use delimited file, REST API, or LIS integrations 

Jenzabar – Can use delimited file 

  • Other or Custom SIS – Can use delimited file, REST API, or LIS integrations 

Enable grade lockdown Grade Approve and Transfer Settings > Enable "Lock on approval"
Create content For flat file, create files using the .asg file type to create assignments.  For REST, create transaction to create items using the attributes specified in the REST transaction documentation.
Map column to 1 or N gradable items in learn and extract that column (provisioning enabled mode) Go to the Grade Center, find the column created by the integration, chose edit, and update the mapping as desired.
Create assignment hooks – flat example with assignment See Create content above.
Find out more on LIS or SITS data format uses (Tribal SITS Customer) Contact your International Sales Executive for assistance.
Find out more on any SIS or middleware and the desired transactional flow (REST or LIS data format uses) Contract your Sales Executive for assistance.
Provision Turnitin submission points Turnitin manages its own grade columns, so Blackboard suggests that Grade Journey users create a weighted column and then map it 100% to that Turnitin column.
  1. Set up Turnitin assignments.
  2. Provision extract columns with Grades Journey.
  3. Manually map the extract columns to the Turnitin columns. If using REST, set to 100% to the Turnitin column.
  4. Extract grades.