This topic provides instructions and information for configuring the Blackboard Drive for Window's Auto Update utility. The Auto Update feature allows the Blackboard Drive for Windows to check for updated versions of the software, download and install those updates.

How Auto Update Works

Each time Blackboard Drive starts, it checks the server for a new version. Version and update information is stored on the server in the update-info.xml file. The location of the server's update-info.xml file is stored in xdconfig_customer.xml.

Setting Up Auto Update


Each time Blackboard Drive starts, it checks the server for a new version by looking to the xdconfig_customer.xml file which contains the <massUpdateUrl> tag. The value contained within the tag must point to the server's update-info.xml file. For example, http://myserver/bbcswebdav/mydirectory/update-info.xml. The xdconfig_customer.xml file is configured by the Blackboard Drive administrator.

Download the xdconfig_customer.xml file to use as the template for your xdconfig_customer.xml file. Modify the <massUpdateUrl> value to point to your update-info.xml file:


The xdconfig_customer.xml file calls update-info.xml for version information. The update-info.xml file contains the latest version and location information for the latest software and configuration file (admin-config.xml).

Download the update-info.xml file to use as the template for your update-info.xml file. Modify the <location> value to point to your server's .exe file:

When the version of the software available on the server is greater than the currently installed version, the user will be prompted to download and install the newer version. If the tag <force-install> is present in the update-info.xml file, newer versions will be downloaded automatically for installation, without prompting the user.

Configuration file version and location information are also located in the update-info.xml file in the <config-update> tag. The <massConfigCurrentVersion> tag identifies the version of the admin-config.xml file available on the server. The URL of the admin-config.xml files is then stored in the <location> tag. To learn more information about the admin-config.xml file, see Blackboard Drive for Windows: Mass Configuration.

Updating with Auto Update

The new version is downloaded to the /tmp directory with the naming syntax of After the download has been completed successfully, the file name is reverted to the syntax of BlackboardDriveNameFromServer.exe. Blackboard Drive is installed just as any other standard .exe file is installed. If the installation is canceled or fails, the upgrade procedure will start over at the next start-up of Blackboard Drive.

If the upgrade results in failure, verify that the update-info.xmlfile is not malformed, the image did not fail to mount, and that the execution of the installer did not fail. These are the three most likely causes for failure. If a user receives an error message which directs them to inform the administrator, check these three factors first.