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Blackboard Reach 1.1 Release

Continuous Delivery 1.1 | Release to Production 30 November, 2020
Bug fixes

Here's what the Blackboard Reach 1.1 release includes:

  • Posting message reliability
    • Fixed an issue related to posting messages via Google Chrome on Mac, where sometimes the message would disappear. We enhanced message posting reliability.
    • Performance of posting message in a large member group is improved. 
  • Message notification
    • Resolved an issue where the message count badge was reporting incorrect numbers. Now users can see appropriate unread count under channels and direct messages as part of the notification.
  • Loading district
    • School districts are updated and mapped based on Virtual hostname that lists the domains to populate in Reach. Updates will occur nightly.
  • Reports
    • Improved the on-screen feedback when no results are found when searching the Chat Archive.
    • After enabling a school, that school can now be found on the school settings page without requiring a page reload.
    • Fixed an issue related to removing inputs from date field affects the reporting interface.
  • UI and UX improvements
    • Appropriate exception handled in Message Failed, Member Search, and District Settings.
    • Mobile responsive UI improved by instantiating horizontal scroll bar for long text that eases user experience.
    • Improved interface on Header display, Universal Navigation display, and landscape view scrolling in mobile browser.
    • Improved interface on adjusting the layout of the keyboard that occupied larger space of a screen earlier.
    • Fixed an issue related to session management.
    • Rich text editor is now responsive and interactive.
  • Mobile app configuration
    • Now the user can enjoy seamless auto login access to Reach after successful login to Mobile Communications App.
  • Performance and reliability
    • Fixed an issue related to loading of channels under settings. Now the user can get the channel details without delay for large-member groups.