In this section you will:

  • Set up a Google Play Console account
  • Invite Blackboard to the Google Play Console account

Set up a Google Play Console Account

You will need a generic Gmail account to register for Google Play Console.

Why do I need a generic Gmail account? | I don't have a generic Gmail account. | What is meant by generic? | We have G Suite/Google Domain/Google for Education.

  1. Navigate to the Google Play Console Registration page.
  2. Ensure you are accessing Google Play Console with the correct Gmail account. What is meant by a correct Gmail account?
  3. Select the Accept the developer agreement check box and select CONTINUE TO PAYMENT.
  4. Type the credit card information in the pop-up box.
  5. Complete your account details.
  6. Your Google Play Console is now set up.

Invite Blackboard to the Google Play Console account

  1. In Google Play Console, select Settings.
  2. Select Developer Account and then Users & Permissions.

    Developer Account may be selected by default.

  3. Select INVITE NEW USER.
  4. Fill out the invite.

You have now invited the Mobile App Team at Blackboard.

Sometimes the invite will fail. If so, the Mobile App Team will reach out to you and ask you to re-invite. It will involve completely deleting out the existing invite and sending a new one, although with the same information listed above.


Google Play Console FAQs

Why do I need a generic Gmail account?

Google charges their $25 Google Play Console registration fee per registrant. Having a generic Gmail account lets more people have access without paying the additional registration fees.

I don’t have a generic Gmail account.

You can easily create one by going to the Gmail site and selecting Create account.

What do you mean by “generic” for the Gmail account?

We mean to create a Gmail account that can be shared by multiple users, or an account that is not tied to any one person. As individuals leave your organization, this Gmail needs to remain with the organization. The owner of a Google Play Console account cannot pass ownership to another Gmail user.

Why do I need to use the full name of my organization for my Developer Name in Google Play?

There are two reasons. First, this is the name that will display on your app listings in Google Play. Second, the name is how the Mobile App Team finds you in their list of apps that they manage. The members of the Mobile App Team need to be able to find “example school district” in the list instead of “esd.”

What is the email address field used for when signing up for Google Play Console?

This is where notifications will be sent to regarding app status and marketing (should you choose to receive those). This is not displayed in Google Play.

Why choose “never” for the access expiry date in Google Play Console?

The Mobile App Team will need to access your account multiples times a year to deliver new binaries, adjust listing information, or complete other tasks that will keep your app listing in compliance with Google Play’s policies. Should you choose to expire the invite after a certain amount of time, we would need to have you send a new invite the next time we needed access.

Why am I giving you administrator level access to my Google Play Console?

This level of access is necessary for the Mobile App Team to complete their work, which includes delivering new versions of the app to the store and modifying the app listing. If you have other apps within your account, then you can restrict the Mobile App Teams’ access to just the one app while still maintaining the administrator level access.

We have G Suite/Google Domain/Google for Education.

No problem. Simply have the administrator create a generic account to use for registering with Google Play Console. This generic account can still reside under the same domain/suite. Note that for G Suite you will need to ensure that access to Google Play Console is turned on. Without this, you will not be able to access Google Play Console. Why a generic account?

What do you mean by “correct” Gmail account?

Simply that it is the Gmail account you want to own the Google Play Console registration. Note that this account becomes the owner of the Google Play Console account and that it cannot change.

Google Play Console permission levels

The administrator permission level is required for the Mobile App Team to manage the listing and submit new versions to the store. However, you can limit the Mobile App Team’s access to just the Blackboard app by selecting the app from the drop down next to the permission level. Note that this cannot be done until the app listing is in your account.

What is a Google Play Registration Transaction ID?

This ID is, in a way, your account’s identity. The Google Play Registration Transaction ID is known by a few names: Transaction ID, Order Number, Google Play, and Check Out number. It is a very large alpha-numerical string that may come in one of three different formats:

  1. 01234567890123456789.token.0123456789012345
  2. 0.G.123456789012345
  3. registration-1234ab56-7c89-12d3-4567-8e91234567f8
  4. PDS.1234-5678-9012-34567

Where can I find my Google Play Registration Transaction ID?

There are four ways to find this ID.

  1. Google will have sent a receipt email to you upon registration for a Google Play Console account. In the Gmail account that was used to register, search for “developer registration fee.”
  2. Go to Google’s payment page, select Activity, and look for “Google Play Developer Token.”
  3. Go to Google’s payment page, select Other Purchase Activity, then select the $25-line item.
  4. Reach out to Google Play Console support. If you provide them the last 4 digits of the credit card used to make the purchase, they will be able to provide this ID.

What is a Google Play Console Developer Name?

This is the name of your organization that you would have filled out when registering for Google Play Console. This is the name that will show on your app listing in Google Play.

Where can I find my Google Play Console Developer Name?

Log in to your Google Play Console and click on the Android symbol in the top right. It will be listed in the drop down.

What is a Apple Developer Team ID?

This is the ID associated with your Apple Developer Team. It is necessary for transferring your app listing to you. It is typically an all-caps alpha-numeric string that will look like this: ABCD1EF2G3

Where can I find my Apple Developer Team ID? Log in to Apple Developer, click on Membership in the left hand bar and look for Team ID on the page.

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