The Class List block makes it easy for a user to see other users enrolled in a Blackboard Open LMS course. The Class List block displays all people enrolled in a course and allows quick access to user profiles and direct messaging. A (T) differentiates the teacher from the students, and the color of the persons' name in the list indicated whether the user is on/offline.

Configure the Class List block

Steps: Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Blocks > Class List

  1. From Site administration select Plugins, Blocks, and Class List.
  2. Select from the following:
    • Offline time: Designates the number of seconds after the last time Moodle recorded an action that the user is considered offline.
    • Enable AJAX updating: Select to update the users who log on and off in the time set in the AJAX interval.
    • AJAX interval: Enter a time to set how often (in seconds) the live updating of the Class List block should happen.
  3. Select Save changes when you are finished.