Bb Grader doesn't support rubrics in landscape mode

Bb Grader doesn't support rubrics in landscape mode.

Bb Grader file download error

Due to changes implemented by Box Inc., you'll see different behavior in Bb Grader for inline grading.

After your institution transitions to the New Box View API, inline grading in the Bb Grader app will show an error when you access documents for the first time. Subsequent views properly render the document. All other features in the Bb Grader app will continue to function.

You can work around this issue by closing and relaunching the Bb Grader app: double tap the home button, swipe Bb Grader to force close it, re-open Bb Grader, and open the submission.

More on inline grading error workaround

Bb Grader doesn't connect to Learn 9.1 Q4 2016

This issue is resolved by installing 9.1 Q4 2016 CU4.

See Behind the Blackboard Article 000043355

Bb Grader doesn't regain control with external authentication

The Bb Grader app isn't compatible with authentication methods that don't use the native Blackboard Learn authentication interface. The app will remain stuck in the desktop Learn view after authentication.

Bb Grader fails to display group assignment files

File attachments for group assignments aren't displayed. The file size appears as 0 MB.

Bb Grader sometimes doesn't show group submissions

In some courses, group assignment submissions aren't displayed. Archive/Restore may resolve the issue for some courses.

Bb Grader doesn't support commas as decimal separators

Bb Grader doesn't recognize the entry of a comma for a decimal point value when the device locale is set to a language that should use commas as decimal separators.

Bb Grader doesn't retain rubric conditions

Rubric data isn't submitted or stored.

Bb Grader app deletes attached feedback files

Adding feedback from the app removes links to previously attached feedback files.

Bb Grader doesn't render special characters

Special characters are displayed as URL-encoded values.