Course list optimization

Blackboard Learn SaaS Continuous Delivery v3400.3.0 | Release to Production 4 May 2018
Ultra Experience

The Courses page in Ultra is a simple, quick way to access all of your courses, including those in the past or in the future. But is it really that simple if you're enrolled in a lot of courses?

In this release, we've enhanced the Courses page to work for instructors and students who are enrolled in a small or large number of courses. Improvements include:

  • A new search bar lets a user quickly find one key course without scrolling through all of their courses.
  • Course cards now occupy the full width of the list so you can easily read the full course name, instructors, and other key information.
  • The Courses page now include pagination for longer lists to improve load speeds and prevent information overload.
  • Users can now add courses to a Favorites list for quick access. Favorite courses appear at the top of the course list.
  • Courses in the Original Course View appear with a grey course card. Ultra course cards contain colors.

Explore the courses page from the instructor perspective