XML User Data Secondary Institutional Role
XML Construction Description
A unique identifier for a user at the Institution This ID is provided by the Institution and is not displayed to users. It is strongly recommended that the key data be a permanent, non-changing identifier for each user. An example of a good key is a permanent Student ID assigned when the person applies to the Institution. The database cannot merge data between distinct accounts. String. Max length 64. Multi-byte characters accepted. Not Null, External Key
<ROLE roletype="4">

The user's Institution role in the System.
String. The value is mapped to a database constant. The valid values are:

  • 0 - Student
  • 1 - Faculty
  • 2 - Staff
  • 3 - Alumni
  • 4 - Prospective Student
  • 5 - Guest
  • 6 - Other
  • 7 - Observer
  • 9 through 20 - Custom role identifiers

Secondary Institution Roles may not be added to other User XML feeds. Each additional secondary role must have its own independent feed file. The Secondary Institution Role should not be the same as the Primary Institution Role.