The Blackboard Drive setup program contains an embedded standard Microsoft Installation package (MSI file). This method allows administrators to manipulate the contents of the install package using the options described in the following table.

Command Syntax Description
/au newAdminConfig Replaces administrator config with specified file.
/ax targetFile Extracts administrator config to specified file.
/ui level (/uilevel, -ui, -uilevel) Set UI level for installation. Only valid with /install argument.

Possible level values: none, basic, reduced, full

/i [language] (-i, "-install, /install) Install package with language selection dialog or predefined language.
/quiet [language] (-quiet, /q, -q, _silent_, /silent) Install package without user interaction, with predefined or default language.
/save [path] (-save, /s, -s) Saves installation package to current or requested path.
/takeout [path] (-takeout) As save, but also deletes installation package from resources.
/st language [path] (-st) Saves installation package and transforms to specified language.
/r file id (/replace, -replace, -r) Replace any file in msi's cabinet, file must be named by its id.
/x file id (/extract, -extract, /x, -x) Extract any file from msi's cabinet by its id.
/info (-info, info, /information, -information) Product and version information.
/lang (/languages, -languages, -lang, /l, -l) List of supported languages.
/f (/files, -files, /f, -f) List of all files to be installed.
/ss Feature1=on|off [Feature2=on|off] (/setstate, -setstate, -ss) Sets feature default installation state.
List of all features and their install levels.
/? (-?, -h, /h, --help) Show help.
/check (-check) Check setup for user deployment completeness.
*.msi Attach installation package.

Example: product_setup.exe package.msi

*.xml Attach setup config file with installation languages.

Example: product_setup.exe config.xml