Configure theme settings

Steps: Administration > Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Theme Settings

Administrators can determine settings for all themes no matter which is selected.

Example: Set whether or not instructors can use their own themes in their class pages that are separate from the main institution theme, or whether or not users can hide different blocks from the site.

  1. From Site administration select Appearance.
  2. Select Themes and Theme Settings.
  3. Change any of the default theme settings:
    • If you only want specific themes to be made available to your institution, type the name of the themes in the Theme list box.
    • If you are redesigning a theme, select Theme designer mode defined in config.php to stop using cached designs from servers.

      Selecting the design setting makes your site slower for end users.

    • Check Allow user themes to allow end-users to select their own themes for how they want to view the institution site. This setting will not change course themes.
    • Check Allow course themes to allow instructors to set their own themes for their course pages. Course themes override all other theme settings.
    • Check Allow category themes to allow themes to be set at a specific category level of courses. For example, if the science department wants their instructors to use a specific theme, the theme can be set.;
    • Check Allow themes changes in URL to allow a user to type the specific theme to use in the URL address.

      Changes appear as:

      ?theme=themename to any Moodle URL (
      &theme=themename to any internal Moodle URL (
    • Check Allow users to hide blocks to allow end-users of the site to show/hide the blocks they want to use.
    • Check Allow blocks to use dock to allow end-users to dock the blocks in a different location.
    • Create your institution's separate menu in the Custom menus box.
    • Check Enable device detection to determine the application of the theme across different device types.
    • Set any Device detection regular expressions to configure.
  4. Select Save changes.

Select themes for your institution website

Steps: Administration > Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Theme selector

You can select the theme to use for all devices or for specific devices. By selecting the theme, you change the entire design of your institution for a specific course.

  1. From Site administration select Appearance.
  2. Select Themes and Theme selector.
  3. Select Change theme from the specific device or for the Default.
  4. From the list of designs, select Use theme for the design you want.
  5. Select Continue after the design preview.
  6. Select Clear theme caches to ensure the design is set through out the website.

Set theme-specific configurations

Steps: Administration > Site administration > Appearance > Themes

Any theme you select for your institution's website will have specific configurations that you may want to change. If you are not using Snap, follow these steps.

  1. From Site administration select Appearance.
  2. Select Themes and select your specific theme.
  3. Configure any additional settings, including the website logo, footnotes, or CSS changes.
  4. Select Save changes when finished.