How does client development work?

Blackboard Open LMS is dedicated to providing tools and features that meet the unique needs of its customers. To ensure Blackboard Open LMS remains relevant to the evolving needs of its customers, we have developed a Client Contributor Program to allow customers to contribute to the development of Blackboard Open LMS.

How often does Blackboard Open LMS rollout updates from Moodle Core and other Blackboard Open LMS developments?

Blackboard Open LMS and Moodle's core developers operate under very different release models. Moodle's core developers use an "agile development model." This means that updates to Moodle's core codebase are released to the public to download as soon as the code is deemed stable and secure. Blackboard Open LMS operates on a six-month release cycle. This means that twice a year (typically once in June/July and once in December) all Blackboard Open LMS developments and major updates to Moodle core that were developed six months prior are compiled and applied to customer sites. Blackboard Open LMS operates under this six-month schedule for two main reasons: 1) to limit the impact that new features/functionality/UI adjustments have on end users. 2) To allow all Moodle core updates and Blackboard Open LMS developments to pass through our additional level of QA testing, thereby confirming the code's security, stability, reliability and performance.

What is Blackboard Open LMS?

Blackboard Open LMS is an e-Learning platform that builds on Moodle core to combine feature/functionality enhancements and dedicated service into an affordable and adaptable turnkey solution. While open source Moodle typically requires an investment in hosting infrastructure, personnel and a particular Moodle expertise to deploy, maintain and sustain use, Blackboard Open LMS provides needs-based consultative services that enable customers to flexibly shape their e-Learning platform by choosing the features and services they want and need.

What does "open-source" mean?

Open source is a specific licensing agreement designed for computer code. The license is designed to encourage collaboration within a world-wide community of developers. Specifically, it allows you to download and use the software program free of charge and modify the source code of the program if desired. Blackboard Open LMS is based off of open-source code, but has additional feature and service enhancements to make it more robust.

Who is Blackboard Open LMS?

Blackboard Open LMS is an e-Learning solutions provider that is fueling the Moodle phenomenon by making it even easier for educational (universities, colleges, K-12 schools) corporate, and governmental institutions to offer courses and content online. Using a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service model, Blackboard Open LMS provides turnkey solutions to quickly provision your Moodle site while limiting the financial and personnel investment required to implement, deploy and maintain an open-source instance.