You can update your Blackboard profile and Blackboard Open Content (formerly xpLor) setting from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

My Blackboard Profile

Profile settings are site specific. This means that if you are enrolled in two different sites/institutions, the profile settings differ by institution. Your access to resources is also institution-specific and depends upon the sharing settings for that resource.


If a user is an instructor at Institution A and Institution B, his profile settings and access to resources will be different for each institution. Future development may change this and allow for user integration between the separate institutions.

To learn more about Blackboard Profiles, see Profiles.

My Blackboard Open Content Settings

From My Blackboard Open Content Settings, set the default settings to use for sharing and copyright when creating new resources.


If you know you will be sharing to your institution, choose Approved Users and click Add Institution. Any resource you create automatically shares with the institution.

You are not forced to use the default settings. You can change these settings when you are creating or editing a resource.

To learn more, see Sharing and Copyright.

From My Blackboard Open Content Settings you can manage a default list of available standards. Click edit to manage the list.


Student Settings

Students can view and update their profile. They do not have access to resource sharing. 

Students never have direct access to Blackboard Open Content. They can only access the content and settings within their own courses.