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Course accessibility report

Blackboard Ally 1.34 introduces the instructor-facing course accessibility report. This report is intended to act as a complement to the existing accessibility indicators, and provides an accessibility summary and overview at the course level.

The report shows the overall course accessibility score, the distribution of course content by content type and the list of all issues that have been identified in the course. The instructor can then easily see which content items in their course have been flagged with an issue, and is able to jump directly into the instructor feedback from the report.

The course accessibility report also provides some help with prioritization, and will show different options such “Content that’s easiest to fix” and “Content with most severe issues” depending on the content in the course. The instructor feedback can again be triggered for each item, which should make working through the remediation of multiple items quite a bit faster.

More on the course accessibility report

Next to this, the course accessibility report also provides a list of all the content that can be found in the course, including the ability to sort by severity, issue name, number of issues identified and accessibility score.

Preview and highlights

The instructor feedback will now show in-browser previews for PDFs, Word documents and PowerPoint documents. These previews are then used to identify where in the document specific accessibility issues can be found. Highlights are currently provided for these issues:

  • Images without an appropriate alternative description
  • Text fragments with insufficient contrast
  • Tables without table headings

The instructor feedback for other accessibility issues will just show the content preview without highlights.

This feature should make it significantly easier to identify issues in a document, and should help cut down remediation time dramatically.

Missing text description

Text contrast

Scanned PDF