Community Engagement 10.38

Continuous delivery 10.38 | Release to production on 26th and 29th Sep 2022

The 10.38 release includes updated features and a couple of resolved issues

Updated features

  • Select all languages

    Translate your messages to all the languages using the new 'select all' button under Languages. You can also manually select or unselect one or more languages, preview a copy of the translated message by clicking on any language before you send the message. 

Resolved issues

  • Messages

    • We have added two new languages to the list of languages available for translation - Pashto and Kinyarwanda.
    • The staff started seeing an unintended 'space' with their password if the admin had customized the password reset email using certain formatting, ultimately not gaining access to their accounts. We identified some alignment issues also in the content format on that email. We've fixed these problems. 
  • Other fixes

    • The import logs showed false errors after completion. We fixed this issue so executing the parents' import is successful without any such errors.
    • We've fixed a minor issue with the import manager.