Microsoft has created an application that allows instructors to create a Teams meeting and share that with their students. We've turned that application into an LTI Advantage tool that can be integrated with Learn. Our integration allows users to launch Microsoft Teams Meetings directly within any Learn course.

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The Microsoft Teams for Blackboard integration is available in any Blackboard Learn course. Your institution needs to meet these requirements to use Microsoft Teams for Blackboard:

  • Blackboard Learn SaaS or Blackboard Learn 9.1 Q2 2019/3700, released in May 2019, or later.
  • LTI must be enabled for use in courses: Admin panel > LTI Tool Providers > Manage Global Properties. Enable LTI for course use and optionally for organization use. Select Submit.
  • LTI must be configured
  • Add the Microsoft Teams for Blackboard LTI 1.3 Tool
  • Add the Microsoft Teams for Blackboard REST API Integration

Add the Microsoft Teams for Blackboard LTI 1.3 Tool

  1. On the Administrator Panel, select LTI Tool Providers.
  2. Select Register LTI 1.3 Tool.
  3. In Tool Status, select Approved.
  4. In the Client ID field, type


  5. Select Submit.
  6. From the list of LTI tool providers, select Manage Placements for Microsoft Teams.
  7. Select Create Placement.
  8. Type Microsoft Teams for the Label, type MicrosoftTeams (no space) for the Handle, and choose Course Tool.
  9. In the Tool Provider URL, type
  10. Select Submit.

Add the Microsoft Teams for Blackboard REST API Integration

  1. Create a User for use with the Microsoft Teams REST API integrations with a Username of msteams and a System Role of None.
  2. Go to the Administrator Panel and select REST API Integrations.
  3. Select Create Integration.
  4. Add the application ID:


  5. Under Learn User type msteams, your username from Step 1.
  6. Set End User Access to Yes.
  7. Set Authorized to act as User to Service Default (No).
  8. Select Submit.

The integration is included in the list of REST API integrations and is automatically made available.

Where do I go for help?

This integration streamlines the process of creating meeting sessions and setting them up as Microsoft Teams chat. The open access links to the session created by Microsoft Teams are added to the Course Outline in Ultra Course View or the first Content Area in the Original Course View and as calendar entries in the Learn course Calendar.

If you experience an issue with the LTI or Rest API setup, please submit a ticket on Behind the Blackboard.

Microsoft support resources

This integration doesn't manage user data, membership, or entitlements to the Microsoft Teams site. If students need access to Files or other tools in Microsoft Teams, an instructor needs to add those users to the Teams site. There isn't a direct integration with Teams Files, tools such as Wiki or Assignment, or other O365 services such as OneDrive, Outlook, or Calendar. For assistance with using the features of Microsoft Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, and other O365 capabilities, including how users can collaborate and share files using these tools, please use the support resources available from Microsoft.

Microsoft support resources

Additional resources

Check out the free resources provided by Microsoft on using Teams. Resources may be available in English only.

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