Integrate the OneDrive LTI 1.3 tool

To connect the OneDrive tool and use read only and collaborative files in Learn course content, you need to:

  1. Register the OneDrive LTI 1.3 tool in Blackboard Learn. 
  2. Configure the Microsoft LTI Tool to work with your site.

For further reading, you can find information about Microsoft Integrations for Blackboard and Microsoft Teams Integrations.

Register the OneDrive LTI 1.3 tool

OneDrive registration for administrators
  1. From the Administrator Panel, select LTI Tool Providers.
  2. Select Register LTI 1.3 Tool.
  3. In the Client ID field, enter this ID:  78cd1b1c-ccbd-4318-9f90-22241f63b1f5. You need this client ID, which will be entered in the Register LTI 1.3 field.
  4. Select Submit.
  5. Review all settings that have been pre-populated in the Tool Status view, and make sure Tool Status is set to Approved.
  6. In Institution Policies, enable Role in course and Name in the user fields to send. All other user fields are optional, but it’s recommended to leave them on, for future-proofing your OneDrive installation.
  7. Allow grade service access and Allow Membership Service Access are optional, but it is recommended for them to remain on.
  8. After submitting the Client ID, copy the Deployment ID that is generated. You will need this Deployment ID to configure Microsoft OneDrive to work with Learn.
  9. Select Submit.

Adding this client ID will configure two different placements:

  1. It enables access to the tool from the Content Market, Books and Tools and the Rich Content Editor
  2. It enables access to the tool from the Add Content menu in the course outline for Ultra courses.

Configure the Microsoft LTI Tool to work with your site

  1. Go to You need to log in as a Microsoft LTI Tool Global Administrator.
  2. Select Admin Consent to authorize access for the LTI application in the active directory.
  3. Select Create new LTI Tenant and follow the instructions. You are prompted to paste the Deployment ID that is generated in Learn after entering the client ID. If you are connecting multiple tenants, you have to copy the Deployment IDs created in Learn and paste them in the Microsoft application.

After you complete these steps, instructors will have two options called Embedded Document (read only) and Cloud Collaboration in the Create item menu on the Course Content page.

If you have already installed the OneDrive tool, you'll need to synchronize the placements to be sure that all placements related to this integration are set. Select Manage placements and select Synchronize Placements located at the far-right side of the tabs panel.

Synchronize places

Recommended browser settings

These browser settings are recommended: 

  • Cookies should be enabled for Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Popups should not be blocked for Microsoft OneDrive.

Cookies are not enabled by default in the Chrome browser's incognito mode and need to be enabled. Microsoft OneDrive LTI works in the private mode in Microsoft Edge browser. Ensure that you have not blocked cookies (which are enabled by default).