Introduction to Google Workspace Integration for Administrators

Google Workspace can be integrated with Learn. When Google Workspace is enabled at your institution, instructors can access files from their Google Drives and link the files to their Ultra courses. Files include documents, slides, and sheets created in Google Drive.

Instructors can link Google Workspace files to the course content area, learning modules, and folders. Any changes instructors make to the Google Workspace file are applied to every link the instructor has added.

Only files in an instructor's My Drive folder can be linked to a course through Google Workspace.

To integrate Google Workspace, you need to

  1. Configure Google Workspace in Google Cloud
  2. Register Google Workspace in Learn
  3. Turn on Google Workspace integration in Learn

Configure Google Workspace in Google Cloud

You need to configure your institution’s settings in your Google Cloud, also known as your Google Developer Account. Google Cloud is outside of Learn and must be accessed using your credentials for Google.  Follow the steps provided in the linked PDF Configure Google Workspace in Google Cloud. The linked PDF contains a worked example for Google Cloud configuration.

Use this table to identify your redirect URI. You need this URI to complete the Google Cloud configuration. 

Table of client IDs for different regions
Client IDRegionRedirect URI

The following information must be created in Google Cloud to complete your institution’s integration with Google:

  • Client ID
  • API Key
  • Client Secret
  • Service account name
  • Service account credential file
  • Shared drive ID

You can get the Shared drive ID by copying the folder ID for your institution’s Workspace. You can find the folder ID by copying what appears in the URL field of your browser when you access the folder. Copy everything that appears after

Image of the UI for Google Workspace with the folder URL in the URL field of the browser

4. Enable APIs from the APP Library. Visit Google's help site to enable Google APIs. You must select the following APIs:

  1. Google Drive API
  2. Google Picker API

Register Google Workspace in Learn

1. In your institution’s Administrator Panel in Learn, select LTI Tool Providers in the Integrations category.

2. Select Register LTI 1.3 Tool.

3. In the Client ID field, type or copy and paste the Client ID for your region.

Table of client IDs for different regions
RegionClient ID

4. Select Submit

5. Review all settings that were automatically filled in the Tool Status view. Make sure that the Tool Status button is set to Approved.

6. In Institution Policies, all settings are on by default. We recommend leaving all settings on, in case your institution decides to use more settings later.

7. Select Submit to finish LTI 1.3 registration. Google Integration now displays as an option on the Administrator Panel under the Tools and Utilities category.

Adding the client ID configures different Google integration placements in Learn by default.

  • Google LTI links in the content outline
  • Administrator settings
  • Google LTI links in the Content Market

Turn on Google Workspace integration in Learn

1. Select the Google Integration page under Tools and Utilities in the Administrator Panel in Learn.

Image of the Administrator Panel in Learn, with the link for Google Integration highlighted at the bottom

2. Complete all the required fields with the information that you got from Google Cloud when you configured your Workspace. If your institution has two Google Workspaces, select Connect another Google Workspace to enter information for the second Google Workspace. 

All students need to have the institution role of Student to be able to access Google content added to the course by the instructor. 

Google Integration page, showing the required fields for completing integration, with the Connect another Google Workspace button highlighted

3. Select Submit to turn on Google Workspace integration for your institution.