Badges must be enabled site-wide by your system administrator in order for you to use them in your courses.

Badges are awarded based on criteria you set and interactions within your course. They are displayed on a user's profile. Badges can push to a user's Badgr Backpack because they are compatible with Badgr Backpack.

Create a Badge

Administration block > Course administration > Badges > Add a new badge

  1. Type a name and description.
  2. Add an image. This image displays when the badge is issued to students.
  3. Give the Issuer details of the issuing agent or authority for this badge. It appears when the badge is displayed as well as the e-mail address for the badge issuer.
  4. Optionally, set a badge Expiry date.
  5. Select Create badge to progress to the next page.
  6. On the Criteria tab, select from the drop-down list:
    • Manual issue by role - identify the roles that can award the badge. Specify whether all or any of the identified roles must award the badge in order for students to receive it.
    • Course Completion - Add a minimum grade required, a date to be completed by, or both.
    • Activity Completion - select required activities to be completed before awarding the badge. You need to configure activities with completion tracking criteria in the activity's settings.
  7. On the Message tab, modify the e-mail message sent to students when a badge is awarded to them. Select whether or not you want to Attach badge to message or Notify badge creator.
  8. Select Enable access in the header to make it visible to users and allow them to start earning it. Enable access only when you are certain you are done editing the badge. After at least one user earns it, the badge is locked for editing.

Edit a Badge

You can edit badges that have not been issued to any users. To ensure that you can continue to edit a badge, do not enable access to it until you are certain it is ready.

  1. Navigate to Administration block > Course administration > Badges > Manage badges.
  2. Select the Edit icon in the Actions column.

After a badge is issued to at least one user, it is automatically locked. Locked badges can be earned by users, but badge criteria can no longer be changed. This ensures that all users complete the same requirements to earn a badge. It is not possible to revoke badges.

To modify a locked badge, copy the badge and make the required changes in Manage badges > Copy.

From the Manage badges screen you can also hide, edit, remove, and copy badges.

Award a Badge

Badges are part of the Badgr Backpack project. Badges are awarded to users based on criteria met at the course or site level. If a badge is not set to be awarded automatically when criteria are met, you will award them manually.

  1. Navigate to Administration block > Course administration > Badges > Manage badges.
  2. Select the Award icon in the Actions column.
  3. Select a Potential badge recipient.
  4. Award badge.

Alternatively, you can edit a badge > Recipients tab > Award badge > select a Potential badge recipient > Award badge.