Basic Availability

To ensure that the Blackboard Open Content Building Block and tool are available within the varying layers of permission in Learn, confirm the following:

  • The Blackboard Open Content Connector Building Block is enabled and available.
  • The Blackboard Open Content Connector Building Block and LTI Tools are available to the course in question.
  • LTI Tool Providers contains an entry for Blackboard Open Content connection.

How to Set Availability

  1. Navigate to the System Admin panel. Click Building Blocks.
  2. Click Installed Tools.
  3. Find Blackboard Open Content Connector and select Set Available from the contextual menu, if not available.
  4. From the Blackboard Open Content Connector contextual menu, select Set Active, if not active.
  5. Click Settings. Ensure the proper Blackboard Open Content URL is defined.
  6. Navigate to the Building Blocks page. Click Basic LTI Tool Providers. Ensure that there is an provider domain created and configured.
  7. Click Manage Global Properties.
    • Feature Availability
      Enabled in Courses = Yes
      Enabled in Organizations = Yes/No
      Creation of Tool Provider Links = All links to any tool provider that isn't explicitly excluded
    • Default Configuration (Optional)
      Send User Data = Send user data over any connection
      User Fields to Send = [all]
      Show User Acknowledgement Message = No
      Message Text = [none]
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Navigate to the System Admin panel. Click Course Settings.
  10. Click Course Tools.
  11. Find LTI and set Availability Default to Always On.
  12. Navigate to the System Admin panel. Click Tools.
  13. Ensure that both LTI and Blackboard Open Content Plugin tools are available.
  14. Set Availability Default to Always On.

Selective Release of Blackboard Open Content

Clients with Institutional Hierarchy can selectively release Blackboard Open Content.

  1. Navigate to the System Admin panel. Click Institutional Hierarchy.
  2. Ensure that Blackboard Open Content Connector is available (or restricted) under Tools.

If Blackboard Open Content is to be used only by a subset of courses, you can create a node where Blackboard Open Content is "Disabled" and select a course list to not include. You can also choose a node to be the Blackboard Open Content-enabled node and set a subset of courses for access that way.


Blackboard Open Content does not have port dependency on anything that you are already using with Software Updates. All traffic is sent over Ports 80 and 443, and is one way inbound (Blackboard Open Content => LMS). There may be instances where traffic is blocked via CAS/Shib/etc., if you are using such authentication.

Investigating Resources That Are Not Added Successfully to a Course

  • Does the correct course and course hierarchy information appear in the Blackboard Open Content Add to Course dialog box?


  • Is there a confirmation message (or error) being displayed within Blackboard Open Content?


  • Does the LTI link show correctly on the Edit page of the corresponding Learn resource? Does it point to the correct Blackboard Open Content resource?

    Does the resourceID in the LTI link match the resViewId link in the Blackboard Open Content resource?



Investigating Grades That Are Not Passed Back Successfully to the Grade Center

  • Did the Grade Center column get created successfully?
  • Is This is a graded item check box selected in Blackboard Open Content?


  • Are there rules set up in the Grade Center that would prevent new Blackboard Open Content grades from being recognized? For example, number of attempts, highest/lowest grade, or average grade.