Add a Library Reference

When all else fails, add bibliographic info to help students

There may be times when you simply can't find a fully accessible version of your course file. As a last best effort, Ally allows you to add some more bibliographic information to the file. Adding this info helps students work with your campus office to find or create an accessible version of the file.

Add a library reference

For example, while embedding a PDF link in your course Discussion, a red Ally indicator appears. You select the indicator, and realize the PDF is scanned. You see the option to upload a digital text version, but you don't know where to access a digital text version.

Ally asks you if the document can be found in the library. If you think it can be, select Yes and add whatever info you have about the document in the form, including a link to the document in your library catalogue. This helps students work with the accessibility office to find a suitable version.

Student experience

After you add the library reference, students can access the document information by going to the file, and selecting Alternative formats from the menu next to the file name. Select Library reference.