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Impact: Instructors and Students

We have partnered with Microsoft to create a new LTI integration for OneDrive. Once enabled, this integration can be accessed within the Ultra Course View and the Original Course View. This new intuitive workflow allows instructors to add OneDrive files to:

  • the Course Content area
  • Learning Modules
  • Folders

Document linking for Microsoft OneDrive is important for many reasons.

  • Document linking provides a link to a document instead of duplicate copies of a file in courses. This helps reduce storage space used.
  • Linking allows instructors to edit a single document. All links to the file reflect the most current version of the document. This approach provides greater efficiency and saves the instructor time.
  • The OneDrive integration enables instructors to edit the file from an Ultra course and Original course. This is a time saver for instructors.
  • Instructors access and manage OneDrive storage from within Learn. This provides a centralized and at-your-fingertips location for access and management.
  • Students can access and manage their own OneDrive storage from within Learn. Students can submit content from OneDrive using the rich text editor in Learn. This option provides greater choice and flexibility for content sharing.

The instructor may need to sign into a Microsoft account to view and select files. After adding the OneDrive file, the instructor may rename the file link in the course. The instructor can control the student visibility/availability setting. The instructor can enter full screen to edit the content of the file. When selecting this option, a new browser tab opens, and the file will be editable.

Figure 1. Add a OneDrive file to the Course Content.

Learn Ultra add file by open it from the Cloud Content item in the Create Content panel, and then, chose Open from OneDrive

Figure 2. Select the OneDrive file.

Learn Ultra add file by open it from OneDrive selecting the file from the OneDrive used

Figure 3. To change the name of the file and set visibility, select the file.

Learn Ultra add file by open it from OneDrive and see it in the Course page content list

Figure 4. After changing the title and visibility, the instructor can modify the contents of the file by selecting the "Full Screen" option.

Learn Ultra add file by open it from OneDrive and visualizing it within a course

Figure 5. The instructor can make edits as desired.

Learn Ultra add file by open it from OneDrive edition options for instructors

The student has a read-only view of the file in the course.

Other existing LTI options in the course remain unchanged:

  • Content Market (Ultra)
  • Books and Tools (Ultra)
  • Rich text editor (Ultra and Original)
  • Build Content (Original)
  • Course Tools (Original)

For Administrators: Please register the LTI Tool Provider in the Administrator Panel.

Watch a video about OneDrive documents integration within Learn Ultra

The following narrated video provides a visual and auditory representation of some of the information included on this page. For a detailed description of what is portrayed in the video, open the video on YouTube, navigate to More actions, and select Open transcript.

Video: OneDrive Integrations shows how to open a document from Microsoft OneDrive within any Learn course content.

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