This information applies only to the Original experience. Your institution controls which tools are available.

You can access the Goal Performance Dashboard to better understand your performance in a course. The dashboard displays course goals and the assessments that map to them. A student can directly see how their individual grades contribute to achieving the goals for the course.

You can access the Student Goal Performance Dashboard two ways.

Open the dashboard from the My Blackboard menu

Go to the My Blackboard menu after you log in. In the Tools menu, select Goal Performance.

On this dashboard, you can view more information about your goals and achievements. Select a goal to view the individual components. Determine if you have room for improvement and where you succeed.

Open the dashboard in a course

For a more detailed analysis of your goals, open the Goal Performance Dashboard within a specific course.

In the course menu, select Tools > Goal Performance. This view of the dashboard shows course goals and the assignments and other types of coursework that align with each goal. When your instructors create assignments, they can choose questions that demonstrate achievement toward a goal. Based on your performance on these assignments, Blackboard Learn calculates your goal progress and displays it in this dashboard.

The dashboard shows how many questions in an assessment map to a certain goal, and how your performance on those questions stacks up against the overall goal. You can see the scale for each goal. Point to the progress bar or select View Scale at the top of the dashboard.