Copy Course Items from within Ultra Courses 

Learn Ultra allows instructors to duplicate course content from within the Ultra courses they're teaching. This feature lets instructors or anyone that create or add content to Ultra select individual course items or entire folders. The ability to copy content items and not recreate content from scratch provides a time-saving solution for instructors building their courses. 

This information also applies to organizations.

How to Copy Course Content 

  1. Select the plus icon in Course Content Section.  

  1. Choose Copy Content from the menu.  

3. Select copy all or select individual content items from a folder or module.

4. Click the Copy Select Content button to complete your course items to copy. 

Once the course copy is complete, your copied course content items appear at the top of the Course Content section.  

If there's an error copying content, an error report appears at the top of the course content section. Open the error report to find out what content items didn't successfully copy. 

Course items that can be copied 

In the Copy Content panel, all the course items available to copy will be listed. You can choose to copy an entire course or individual items. When you copy an entire course's content, the visibility settings will carry over in the copy of the course. For example, hidden content in the copied course remains hidden in the course you copied it from. 

Attendance data isn't included when you copy a course into a new or existing course. The attendance option is removed from the copy options. Attendance data is included in an exact course copy 

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Supported Content Types 

  • Folders  

  • Documents  

  • Tests, including group tests  

  • Assignments, including group assignments  

  • Linked to websites  

  • SCORM packages  

  • Discussions and Journals  

  • Learning Modules  

Interested in learning more about supported content types? Visit Copy Content from Other Courses for more information.  

Review all copied items to be sure you're showing the content you want to show.

Can't find the course you're looking for? If you want to copy content from another instructor's course, it won't appear in your list. That instructor must export the content, send it to you, and then you can import it to your course.

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