Types of containers

On the Course Content page, you can create folders and learning modules to present content in an organized and engaging way. You can add documents, file attachments, tests, assignments, multimedia, and links to websites, discussions, and journals.

Select the plus sign wherever you want to add a container. In the menu, select Create and choose the container you want to add.

On the Course Content page, the folder and learning module titles appear as links students select to view the materials. You can add descriptions to help students understand what content you've included.

Organize with folders

You can create two levels of folders to organize your content. Students won't get lost looking for materials, and your content is easier to manage. Also, students can navigate easier on smaller screens when they don't have to search for materials. After you already have two levels of folders, you can't create a third level or upload a folder into the second-level folder.

If you don't add a title, New Folder and the date appear in the content list. If you add no content, an empty folder with the placeholder title appears on the Course Content page.

Organize with learning modules

You can use learning modules in your course as containers for organized collections of content. Modules let students navigate from one content item to the next without distractions or extra clicks. A learning module helps immerse students in the lesson or concept you're teaching. If you use a textbook or other materials as the basis for your course curriculum, modules are an effective and logical way to group content to match the pace of these materials.

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Manage your containers

You can reorder, edit, and delete containers and content to control what students see on the Course Content page. If you delete a folder or learning module that has content, the content is also removed from the Course Content page. You can also search through your course content by title on the Course Content page.

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