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Jones & Bartlett Learning (JBL) develops educational programs and services that improve learning outcomes and enhance student achievement. JBL does this by combining authoritative content written by respected authors with innovative, proven, and engaging technology applications that meet the diverse needs of today's instructors, students, and professionals.

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You can add links to Jones & Bartlett Learning Navigate 2.0 courses into your Blackboard Learn course. This allows for seamless access to Jones & Bartlett from within Blackboard for your students.

Your institution controls whether Jones & Bartlett Learning is available.

Add a Jones & Bartlett Learning link to your course

  1. In a content area, select Content Market from the Partner Content menu.
  2. Pick the appropriate partner content on the Content Market page. Select Jones & Bartlett Learning from the list of Available Partners. Associated Partners display partners already associated to the course.
  3. Complete the Jones & Bartlett Learning setup. After you log in or create a new account, future visits to add a Jones & Bartlett Learning link will take you directly to the partner content selection page.
  4. After selecting the desired Jones & Bartlett Learning links, they will be available to your students within the chosen content area.