Your institution controls which tools are available in the Original Course View. Assignments are always available to instructors in the Ultra Course View.

Ready to grade groups?

After groups submit their assignments, you can access their work from the gradebook or within the course. Assign the same grade to the whole group or grade each team member's contribution separately if everyone didn't contribute equally. You can't change grade settings or group membership after you've started grading.

You can't enable parallel or anonymous grading on group assignments.

From the Submissions page, select a group name to start grading.

On the left, the Gradebook is open with the "Gradable items" tab selected and a particular group assignment selected and highlighted. On the right, the Submissions page is open with the group submissions list displayed.

From a group's submission, you can navigate to other groups with the previous and next arrows. To view the group members, expand the group. You can also view which member submitted on behalf of the group.

An example group submission is open with 1) the previous and next navigation arrows highlighted, 2) the down-pointing arrow next to the feedback icon highlighted, and 3) the group members list displayed.

Select the feedback button to open the feedback panel. You can scroll through the assignment and provide a grade. Add overall feedback for the group on the Group tab. Select the Individual tab and add feedback for each student within the group. 

An example group submission is open with 1) the feedback icon selected and highlighted, 2) the "Group" and "Individual" feedback tabs displayed, and 3) the previous and next arrows highlighted.

You can also embed an audio/video recording of your feedback in the editor as you grade group submissions.

View and edit feedback

Expand the member list to view feedback for individual members. Open the menu and select Edit Feedback to delete or make changes to feedback for the group or individual members. If you make changes after you post grades, students aren't notified about the updated or deleted feedback.

Student view

In the activity stream, students are notified when the group grade is posted. If you provided group feedback, it appears with the grade. Students can select the group assignment title to open their Course Grades page to access all their grades.

The activity stream of the Student's view is open with the "View my grade" button clicked and an example grade highlighted.

Students can access their group and individual feedback if provided.

An example group submission from the Student's view is open with the "Group" and "Individual" feedback tabs displayed.

More on grading assignments

Assign a different grade to group members

By default, all group members receive the same grade for a group assignment. However, you can change individual group members' grades if you feel their contributions earned grades different from the group.

On the Submissions page, you can assign a grade for the whole group. Type a value in the Grade column. The grade is labeled as Override because you didn't assign the grade from the actual submission.

To assign a different grade to an individual member, expand the group list and enter a value in that member's Grade column. The overall group's grade is shown as In Progress and the  Post option doesn't appear because some students don't have grades for the assignment.

After you assign a grade to the overall group, you can edit a group member's individual grade. Expand the list of group members and change an individual grade as needed. The overall group's grade appears as Multiple. The individual member's grade is labeled as Override.

More on override grades

An example group assignment grade page is open with the overall's group grade (shown as "Multiple") and an individual member's grade (labeled as "Override") highlighted.

You can also assign different grades in the gradebook grid view. Select a group member's cell and all other group members are highlighted in the grid. Edit a group member's grade as needed. You have the option to apply this edited grade to everyone in the group.

The Gradebook grid view is open with 1) an example of how to give a grade displayed and 2) the "Assign this grade to everyone in the selected group?" confirmation message on screen.

Can I move group members after I've graded some work?

You can move students between groups and add new students added to your course. New members can access the work the group has saved up to that point. New group members can also submit work on behalf of the group.

When students with existing grades are move to different groups, their grades move with them, but their work doesn’t. These new group members keep their existing grades. Their grades won’t apply to the rest of the group. However, if you haven't graded the new group's work, the new member receives their new group's grade when it's assigned. 

The group members list is open. A newly added member in the group is shown, this member maintains the previously given grade while the other members have no grades assigned.

If a group has received a grade and you move students to this group, you must manually assign grades to them.

The group members list is open. A newly added member in the group is shown, this member does not have an assigned grade, while the other members keep their previously assigned grades.

Group assessment exceptions

You can give an exception to a group to allow multiple submission attempts or to extend their due date, even if the group assessment is hidden from other groups. Because extensions are assigned to groups individually, you can set different due dates or number of attempts for each group.

From a group assessment's Submissions page, select Add or edit exceptions for the group.  You can also add exceptions from a group's individual submission page.

A group assessment's Submission page is open with the exceptions panel open