This information applies only to the Original Course View. Your institution controls which tools are available.

You can use Opinion Scale/Likert questions to measure students' attitudes or reactions with a comparable scale. By default, five answer choices appear that range from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. A sixth option lets students select Not Applicable. You can change the text of the answer choices and adjust the number of answers from 2 to 100.

Opinion Scale/Likert questions are graded automatically.

Opinion Scale/Likert questions are ideal for surveys. If you include the questions in a test, you must select a correct answer. If you require just an opinion, change the point value to zero so that the question doesn't affect the test total.

A Likert question in a Survey created in the Original course view converts/copies to a Form in the Ultra course view. The scale range default is 3.

Create an Opinion Scale/Likert question

  1. Access a test, survey, or pool. From the Create Question menu, select Opinion Scale/Likert.
  2. Type a question or statement.
  3. Select Answer Numbering and Answer Orientation from the menus or leave the defaults.
  4. Select the Number of Answers from the menu or leave the default of 6. Select Remove to delete an answer box.
  5. To change the default answers or to add answers if you have increased the number of possible answers, type an answer in each box.
  6. If you include the question in a test, you must select a correct answer.
  7. Optionally, type feedback for correct and incorrect answers.
  8. Select Submit and Create Another or Submit to add the question to the test.

Partial credit

You can allow partial credit for Opinion Scale/Likert questions. Partial credit rewards students whose answers demonstrate they know some of the material. You type the partial credit percentage for each answer.

You must enable the options to specify partial credit on the Question Settings page to use them for individual questions.

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