Your institution controls which tools are available in the Original Course View. The gradebook is always available to instructors in the Ultra Course View.

Access the Grade Center

You access the Grade Center from the Control Panel. Expand the Grade Center section to display the links to the Needs Grading page, the Full Grade Center, and the smart views.

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On the Needs Grading page, you can begin grading assignments, group assignments, tests, blog and journal entries, wiki page saves, and discussion posts.

More on the Needs Grading page

The Full Grade Center link displays all columns and rows in the Grade Center and is the default view of the Grade Center.

The smart view links appear as an indented list in the Full Grade Center section. A smart view is a focused look at the Grade Center and shows only the data that matches a set of criteria. You can use smart views to quickly find data when the Grade Center includes a great number of students and columns. For example, the default Tests smart view displays only test columns.

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You can customize your view of the Grade Center and create grading schemas, grading periods, categories, and columns to present and gather the information you need.

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Grade Center functions

You can perform many actions in the Grade Center with the functions appearing in two rows at the top of page.

These functions appear in the first row:

  • Create Column: Create a grade column.
  • Create Calculated Column: Open a menu with options to create calculated columns.
  • Manage: Options include grading periods, schemas, categories, color coding, row visibility, email, and column organization.
  • Reports: Create reports from Grade Center data and access the grade history for all students.
  • Filter: Narrow your view of the Grade Center data. Select Filter to expand the field and select an option from these menus:
    • Current View: Includes the Full Grade Center view, smart views, and grading periods. You can select one of the views to use as the default view with the Set Current View as Default icon.
    • Category: Includes all default categories and those you've created.
    • Status
    • Show attempts that don't contribute to user's grade: The default view in a grade cell's menu shows each attempt made. You can clear the check box and see only the attempt you need to grade in each grade cell's menu.

      More on filtering attempts

  • Work Offline: Work with Grade Center data outside of Blackboard Learn.

These functions appear in the second row:

  • Move to Top: Select one or more check boxes for users and select Move to Top to move the rows to the first positions in the grid.
  • Email: Select one or more check boxes for users, select Email, and make a selection.
  • Sort Columns By: Open a menu with options to sort the Grade Center items.
  • Order: Sort the data in ascending or descending order. The view remains until you sort columns again or log out.

Access Grade Center menus

Throughout Blackboard Learn, items may have menus with options that are specific for each item.

In the Grade Center, all cells and column headers have a menu. For example, a test column's menu includes options for Column Statistics and Grade Questions. For a non-grade column, such as First Name, you only have the options to hide the column and sort the cells. If an option doesn't appear in the menu, you can't perform the action on that column, row, or cell.

Point to a cell or column header to see the Click for more options icon. Select the icon to open the menu.

You won't see some menu options if your institution uses an older version of Blackboard Learn or disables some functions.

Menu options for columns

Each column's menu displays options specific for that column. These options may be available.

Column Options
Quick Column InformationDisplays information about the column in a pop-up window.
Send ReminderYou can send email reminders from Grade Center columns to students and members of groups who have missing coursework.
Grade AttemptsProvide a grade for an attempt made for this item.
Grade with User Names HiddenProvide grades for this item with student identities hidden.
Item AnalysisProvides statistics on overall test performance and individual test questions. This data helps you recognize questions that might be poor discriminators of student performance. Use this information to improve questions for future test administrations or to adjust credit on current attempts.
Attempts StatisticsDisplays the Statistics page for tests and surveys. Each question for a test or survey appears, along with its score information for tests or percent answered for surveys. On the Survey Statistics page, you can view the survey results. The percentage of students who selected each answer appears. You can't view individual results for surveys.
Download ResultsDownload Grade Center data for this column as a delimited file that is used in other applications, such as spreadsheet programs or statistical analysis programs.
View All AttemptsDisplays the View All Attempts page for tests. From this page, you can grade the attempts, grade them anonymously, or grade by question.
Grade QuestionsProvide grades for all of the responses for a specific question at one time.
Assignment File DownloadSelect and download files students have attached to their assignments.
Assignment File CleanupSelect and delete the files attached to an assignment.
Edit Column InformationDisplays the Edit Column page for this column.
Column StatisticsDisplays the Column Statistics page for this column. Statistics include column details, status distribution, grade distribution, and basic statistics, such as range, average, median, and variance.
Set as External GradeThe results in the External Grade column are shared with your institution as your students' final grades for your course. You decide which column is set as the external grade. In new courses, the default Total column is the default external grade column, and the External Grade icon appears in the column header.
Hide from Students (on/off)Hide this column from users. If you hide the column, the column remains in the Grade Center grid, but your students won't see it in My Grades. In the grid, the Column Not Visible to Users icon appears in the column header for any column hidden from students. Select again to show the column to users.
Clear Attempts for All UsersDisplays a separate window where you can clear attempts for all users. You can clear attempts based on criteria or a date range.
Sort Ascending/Sort DescendingDisplay the items in the column in an ascending or descending order.
Hide from Instructor ViewHides the column from view in the Grade Center. To show the column, select the Manage menu and select Column Organization.

Menu options for cells

To see the Click for more options icon, point to the cell in the Grade Center grid. Select the icon to open the menu.


When you open the menu for a user's name cell, you have options to hide a user's row, hide other rows to focus your attention on one row, or email a user. You can view which items are visible to a user based on availability and adaptive release rules or which items a user marked reviewed.

You can also view the User Statistics page which provides statistical information related to a user's performance.

More on user statistics

Open and see the student's statistics page

Can I show just one student's row?

Doesn't seem familiar? Jump to the "Ultra" help about showing one student's row.

You can narrow your view to show only one student's row and focus on that student's attempts and grades. You can also share grades with the student in a live office session. The grades for other students are protected and privacy is maintained. When you hide user rows, the data is retained and you can show them at any time.

Open the menu for a student's name cell and select Hide Other Rows.

From the Row Visibility page, you can hide and show user rows. Only your view of the Grade Center grid is affected. Student availability isn't affected. Open the page from the Manage menu.

If you've made a user unavailable on the Users page in the Control Panel, the User Unavailable icon appears in the user's first cell in the Grade Center. But, the row isn't hidden in the grid. Unavailable users can't access your course.

You can also filter, order, and sort your gradebook.

Grade Center icon legend

In the lower-right corner of the Grade Center, select Icon Legend to view the icon descriptions. Icons can appear in the Grade Center cells, attempt menus, column headers, on the Grade Details page, and on the Needs Grading page.

You won't see the "Does not contribute to user's grade" icon if your institution uses an older version of Blackboard Learn. Learn more about choosing which attempt to grade.