Explore the Tools panel

These tools may appear on the Tools panel on the My Institution tab:

  • Announcements: Displays announcements for all your courses and from your institution. Announcements communicate important, time-sensitive information.
  • Calendar: Displays course events that you've added. You can also add private, personal events.
  • Tasks: Keep track of the course tasks you've added. You can also add personal tasks.
  • My Grades: Lists grades for all courses for the student role.
  • Send Email: Send email messages to course members' external email addresses.
  • User Directory: Lists users within Blackboard Learn. Users only appear if they indicate that they want to be included on the Set Privacy Options page.
  • Address Book: Store contact information. The address book is empty until you create contacts. You must create a profile for anyone you want to add to your address book even if the contact is a Blackboard Learn user.
  • Personal Information: Access and edit your personal information that appears to other users. You can also change your password, set your privacy options, and personalize your settings.
  • Goals: If enabled by your institution, you can access the Goal Performance Dashboard from the Tools panel.