Designed for higher education institutions and extension programs, Discovery Education Higher Ed provides award-winning digital content aligned to the most common college-level courses. Discovery Education Higher Ed offers faculty and students a variety of dynamic learning resources that enhance instruction and maximize student achievement, including images, audio, learning guides, and writing prompts. In addition, Discovery Education provides educators with professional development opportunities to support the effective implementation and ongoing integration of digital media and technology in the classroom.

Discovery Education Higher Ed and Blackboard Learn

The integration of Discovery Education Higher Ed with the Blackboard Learn platform makes it easy for instructors to find relevant resources and incorporate them into courses.

The Discovery Education Higher Ed Partner Cloud integration is available for Blackboard Learn 9.1, SP 10 and later. Your administrator can download and install the Partner Cloud Building Block, which includes the Discovery Education Higher Ed integration, at no cost. However, a license must be purchased for instructors and students to access the content provided by Discovery Education.

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Features and benefits

Integration features include:

  • High-quality digital content from Discovery
  • Content provided for 23 of the most enrolled higher education courses
  • Aligned to cross-curricular course content
  • Continuous content updates
  • Optimized to work with all devices, including tablets
  • Access to a variety of additional learning resources to enhance instruction including images, audio, learning guides, and writing prompts

Don't miss the Share with Blackboard button on Discovery Education Higher Ed's online content catalog, which makes it simple for instructors to integrate the resources they choose whatever environment they're in.