Ready to roll?

If you want to enable the Ultra experience on your production environment, submit a ticket to Blackboard Support on A Blackboard representative will contact you to discuss the impact of enabling Ultra on your institution's environment, students, and faculty.

If you enable the Ultra experience in your Test environment, be aware that you won't be able to switch back to the Original experience without completely rebuilding the environment and all data will be lost.

After you've consulted with a Blackboard representative, you have the ability to enable the Ultra experience from the Admin Panel > The Ultra Experience is here!


Switch to the Ultra experience. After you turn on the Ultra experience, you can't turn it off.


After you enable the Ultra experience, you can change the default course settings to use the Ultra Course View for all new courses. Or, you can allow instructors to choose a course view for each of their courses. You can choose the default course view option in Courses Settings > Default Course Properties.

More about the two course views

Do Not Enable

Make no change to your current Blackboard Learn experience.

Add or change your logo

In the Ultra experience, administrators can add an institution logo to the Learn Ultra login page as well as the base navigation.

More on institution branding in the Ultra experience

Change the landing page

By default, users start on the Activity Stream after they log in to Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Experience. You may want to display another area more prominently for users, especially if you've taken time to build the Institution Page with important and time-sensitive content. You can change the Ultra landing page to highlight more relevant information for your institution's users.

  1. On the Administrator Panel, select Default Landing Page in the center column.
  2. Choose the page users will visit first when they log in to Ultra—Activity Stream, Course List, or Institution Page.
  3. Select Submit when you're finished.